Author Catherine Andorka
Author Catherine Andorka
Catherine Andorka

Welcome to my home on the Web. When I wrote the above caption, I fancied myself having the soul of a poet. These days my prose has gone over to the snarkier side. I think it's all the time I've been spending with those bad boys I love to create. Who doesn't like alpha men—especially when they're seasoned with just enough beta characteristics to make them perfect for the women who fall for them.

A perfect example would be Madeline Holt and Kurt Williams, star players in my newest book, "Fly Me to Paradise." Madeline is pregnant by what she believes is a donation from her deceased husband. She's elated—until she learns there's been a mistake at the lab. Kurt Williams, the biological father, is a corporate pilot who's been in remission from Hodgkin's disease and is a year from being considered cured. Still, there are no guarantees. Kurt and Madeline are shocked, resentful, and initially, they clash like cymbals. They do agree she will not terminate her pregnancy. Madeline is an independent woman who wants nothing to do with the stranger who insists on being involved in "the process." Kurt is determined not to follow in the footsteps of his father, who abandoned him and his mother early on. Though the chemistry between this couple is palpable, it's seriously complicated by Kurt's coping strategies with his unpredictable future. Racing cars and jumping out of planes are only a couple of the dangerous activities that motivate his false show of bravery to prove he can outsmart the Grim Reaper. Madeline has already lost a husband and a father. She doesn't need another chapter of living on the edge.

Will their growing attraction and Kurt's involvement in her pregnancy be enough to build a future together?

Yes, I know there are some heavy issues here, but I don't think you can fight a challenge without a sense of humor. So don't feel like you have to stock up on too many extra tissue boxes.

Anyway, "Fly Me to Paradise" is due out in March of 2011. It will be published by Five Star. In the meantime, I invite you to explore my site. I'll be in my office, working on my next novel. But if you'd like to say hello, just click onto my Contact page and leave me a message. I'll look forward to getting back with you as soon as I'm able.